Antonios K.Georgiou plastics was founded in 1984 in Peristeri Athens Greece ..

The company started as a small family operated plastics craftsmanship with an 80ton clamping force injection press ,producing various injection moulded industrial products.


In 1990 the founder and owner Antonios Georgiou transferred the operations of the company in Megara Attica due to the need for larger buildings to accommodate 3 injection moulding machines , because of the constantly growing clientele.


In 1994 a 4th injection machine is added to the company and also an industrial plot is purchased so that the possible future spacing needs of company can be covered ..


In 2007 the company is transferred to its new and owned buildings , one of the old injection machines is withdrawn from production , and 2 new injection moulding machines are purchased .The company now has 5 injection moulding machines and increases its production capacity.


In 2009 the company replaces one of its old injection moulding machines with a completely new one ..


In 2013 , and after constantly investing in new technologies , the company withdraws its last 2 old technology injection moulding machines from production and replaces them with 2 new injection moulding machines ..


In 2017 the company invests in a high speed injection moulding machine and now has 6 injection moulding machines in its premises .


Today the company continues to invest in new technologies and is in the phase of completing an investment plan which includes the purchase of 2 new injection moulding machines and injection moulds . By the end of June 2019 the company will have 8 new technology injection moulding machines in its premises with clamping forces ranging from 80 up to 190 tons . During its 35 year course the company works with zero bank lending . Antonios K. Georgiou plastics has a specialization in industrial products , especially in the fields of pumps ,plumbing parts,filters,building construction parts and many others . Also since 2009 the company has acquired knowledge and specialization in the field of plastic caps and closures for detergents and chemicals , and is cooperating with some of the largest bottlers in the country .